Drinking bar and photo spot just a few seconds away from Shibuya station

Friendly staff and English menu available!

Dendama & Darts Re/d is one of the best dart bars in Shibuya as well as being the only kendama bar in Japan. Our facility overlooks the famous Shibuya crossing and also provides a unique atmosphere for our visitors through our bar's kendama theme. We provide arcade machines that utilize smart kendamas that are unique in our cafe/bar.

Many local drinking guides around the area recommend our bar and it's no wonder why. If you are near Shibuya during your trip to Japan, stop by to enjoy some alcohol and play kendama.

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Darts & Dendama

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Have you ever tried soft tip darts?
Try a new experience playing soft tip darts which are made of plastic rather than steel.

Soft tip darts (electronic dart board)

In Japan you can find the popular game of soft tip darts. Soft tip darts uses a special machine just like an arcade machine with different mini games such as drinking party, zombies, and more.

We have machines version of Dartslive2 and 3 for soft darts so you can play a game by paying for credit by coin, paper or livecredit.

You can even buy a Dartslive card to save your scores online and check your results on your smartphone or computer!

Dendama Arcade

The Japanese wooden traditional toy Kendama has always enjoyed popularity. It has changed to a popular street sport around the world but now it takes a step foward evolving in an E-sport

At the bar you can play with arcades using dendamas (sensored type kendamas) against other players or test your skills getting an Official dendama player certification! If you pass the test you can ask to the staff to receive your certification immediately!



DENDAMA brings a new era for the kendama. Kendama players can connect their Dendama with an app that enables them to play against people around the world. By connecting your Dendama and your smartphone, many games can be fully enjoyed together. There are various games to play such as the quest mode, battle mode and many more.

For more information you can visit this link DENDAMA OFFICIAL WEBSITE



Best drinks in Shibuya

Check out the nightlife of Shibuya while drinking the best Japanese craft beers, cocktails or the traditional Japanese alcohol named Sake.

Our cafe/bar menu has delicious dishes to enjoy with friends and we offer a big place for parties or meetings.

Check out all our special extras for you!


  • no table charge

    No table charge. There is no passing through.

  • come to eat and drink

    Please feel free to come and eat.
    **If you only eat or drink, there is no additional charge.

  • darts and dendama arcades

    Darts coin system:
    From 7:00pm ~12:00am ¥100/ 1play

  • dendama free play campaign

    PLay by FREE campaign!!
    Play the new DENDAMA+ arcade for free!
    **Free campaigns may end without notice

  • charge your phone by free

    Free phone charging stations!!
    Try a coffee while waiting.

Just 20 seconds from the Shibuya Station!



〒150-0042 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 22-2 3rd floor

Business hours:

Monday to Thursday 15:00-2:00
Friday and Saturday 15:00-4:00
Sunday 15:00-24:00



Ways to pay:

You can pay by cash, credit card or other methods.

ways to pay